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You guys on that brazilian wax the way you cut Bush out of this joint. Still, Flobama delivers game you can believe in.

Teqneek responds:

I approve this message.

These are great lyrics; Thank You Based Prophet

"I'm so tasty like honey bunches oats;
All them other cereals be so dope
I'm being delicious, It's so nutritious."

"I'm so popular that I got levitation."

I'm so glad kids like you are out on the street innovating so that people like me can sleep at night.

Good Start

Kind of annoying but not the worst thing I've ever heard immediately. You'd do well to put more effort into finding a better bass drum sound. Other than that, just spend some time mixing.

doomshock responds:

thanks, just experimenting

You use Garageband too!

I used to make songs like these all the time using these same loops. Those loops aren't actually too bad either!

It's bit eclectic mostly because these aren't a substitute for a well structured song, but the means to accompany something in any given a key. It doesn't sound bad, so keep working at it.

Playing with Garageband Loops was my favorite part of high school. I did that so much! I used almost all of these loops too. It's also obvious that you can do more than use loops so I know that one day you'll probably be making something awesome.

Unusual Harmony Not Really Striking a Chord

As much as I'll always love a song that strays away from any type of Diatonic chord progression.

The opening of the song really sounded blatantly wrong. I don't know if you meant to do that on purpose, but you should really be conscious of how you're handling his vocals and try to be more conscious of the key and the chord the vocal line might be suggesting. The vocal timbre is also kind of weird. It sounded stuffy at points and then at other points very clear, but I don't know if that was conscious or because of different mic-ing techniques. I realize you're not handling the recording of the vocals, but just this is just something to consider.

Also, some parts seemed repetitive because it was just a chord change to the beat with no melody (although you worked in some nice effects) so there was nothing really to focus on.

By the end it seemed to come together, so other than the weird beginning, it was a decent work.

I like your mixing

I'm listening on laptop speakers and it still sounds good. I can hear a decent arrangement and the bass drum has a good mid sound that I can clearly hear even though I can't get any lows.

Great Mood Music

This is great background music. I shouldn't enjoy something as so blatantly violent but I did and I can't take that back now. Interesting music, I liked the samples as well.

guerogb101 responds:


I'm impressed

This was actually really well produced. I am sincerely impressed. Mostly by the clarity of the vocals. The rhymes are somewhat impressive too. Oh yeah, and that's a tight beat, yo.

HiddenSociety responds:



You need to roll of the highs on the vocals because it's an annoying timbre that borders on "Over the Phone" quality. The sibilances are just annoying.

Although the title got my attention, your rhymes are pretty regular and the production is meh...

Diss tracks are hard to enjoy if you have no knowledge of either side before you listen to the song, so I guess I'm more predisposed to dislike the track. Although after listening to the track and reading your comments, I wouldn't be too ready to get with an argument with you either. This is all personal taste what you write about.

But please, work a bit on your Vocal EQ a bit. Otherwise, keep on.

I feel like I have to write you a good review

You may dominate the top of the Pop charts, but it's not that much of a stretch when your music sounds like this. I especially like this song because it's so SImon and Garfunkle like.

This is such a great tune. The analog feel really pushes it over the top. The dirty and warm timbre of the overall track really makes it feel like you're not on Newgrounds anymore. Frankly, this sound is unique and very easy to enjoy.

I'll admit that even I have voted 5 on this track.

I write songs.

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